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The Heated Wheel

Old concept with modern materials. 6"wide x 27 1/4",these small boards are intended to be used w roller skate trucks,just like in the beginning.

Larry Balma spoke of a time he and his friends would find skates and cut them up and make skateboards,that was in the mid to late 50's.Larry is one of the inventors of Tracker Trucks.

This has stayed in my mind ever since he told us that in early 2000's.

Modern bushings and wheels make all the difference,turn any old board laying around into a rider.

The Polarizer:

Mimicking the shape of an early 60's surfboard but w downturned nose and tail,convex throughout.Its basically a reg board turned upside down.Being that theres no kick or concave makes it very comfortable to step on and off.

The name came from Steve Claar,When he saw an early prototype he said"you should call that the Polarizer"due to the odd nose and tail situation.

The Peter Hewitt "No Games"model:

Another early 60's surfboard shape,more extreme pulled nose,only downturn in tail and slight convex throughout.

Peter skates for Anti Hero and is the first Heated Wheel team rider,we are very hyped to have him involved in this.

Polarizer Model

The Aaron Scott Collection